Tools: Financial Calculators

We were tired of messing with spreadsheets, so instead we created a few tools to help make some of these tasks simpler.

Budget Calculator

The companion to our article on budgeting. This will produce 4 different budgets based off of your gross monthly income according to the 50-30-20 budget recommendations as well as USAA's recommendations. We included modified budgets that take into account 10% automatically for tithe/charitable giving.

Minimum Salary Calculator

Calculates how much your salary should be according to the amount of educational loan debt you have using the recommendations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's. Check it out to see what kind of income you'll need to make to justify going back to graduate school.

Cost Per Use Calculator

Is it ever worth it to buy those $300 boots? Use our cost per use calculator to find out.

We're working hard on building some more tools for you to use. What other kinds of tools/calculators would you find useful?