The Eight Friends Every Man Should Have

Have you ever traveled with a great friend only to realize that, if you ever go on another trip together, your friendship will likely be over? Does this mean that your friendship is fake? Not at all.

There are as many personalities in the world as there are people. While some of these personalities may mesh with you fantastically, there are going to be other people that, regardless of how hard you try, you will never enjoy traveling together.

This is one reason why every man should have an entourage of friends. The other reason is that anything stagnant quickly begins to stink – and this includes people.

Even though we may prefer hanging out with people who think and act like we do, it is a good idea to develop a network of friends who think and act very differently – providing us with the ability to grow and develop into well-rounded men.

Consider whether or not you have each one of the following people in your social network. If not, you may want to seek out a few friends who can help you become a better man. Chances are, you will be helping them out as well.

The Comic

Everybody needs to laugh. In fact, laughter is good for your mood, your health, and your relationships. The world is such a serious place that it is necessary to be able to see the lighter side of life. There is nothing better for a bad day than describing it to a comedian – by the time you finish sharing how terrible your day ways, you will both be rolling on the floor out of laughter.

Whether you lose a job, get turned down by a woman you were interested in, or lose your keys, spending some time with your funny friend will turn the event, and the day, into a memorable story that you can laugh about for years to come.

The Dreamer

Some people just always seem to have great ideas. They can see the silver lining through every storm, they have a million and one ways that they plan to get rich, and they can give you ten solutions to any problem (though many of them are probably ridiculous).

These people who can see “how things could be” are responsible for the way that our world is today. If no one imagined the world was round, we would still be living in the Old World. If Henry Ford didn’t see the value of the automobile, we would still be riding horses. If Jesus had not believed that we were worth saving, our lives would lack the hope that they have today.

While dreamers can be annoying at times, having someone who can share with you the beauty of what can be will inspire you to reach for the stars.

The Pastor

As Christians, our spirituality is a huge part of our lives. However, with the many struggles and distractions in the world today, it is often easy to forget the true reason for living. This is where a friend who has a healthy devotional life and the ability to think deeply about God is absolutely necessary.

If this is a friend who makes you feel guilty, or like you need to live a better life, then all the better! We need to continually be pushed to grow in our relationship with Christ. Having a friend who is willing to inspire use to grow in God is necessary for every Christian.

The Thrill Seeker

It is all too easy to spend our days sitting in front of the television, surfing the web, or forgetting about the excitement that comes from trying new things and pushing our bodies to their max. Adventure seeking friends can sometimes be annoying and obnoxious, but they can also keep us from becoming stagnant and fat.

Find a friend who loves the outdoors, enjoys pushing the limits, and has an interest to do things the difficult way. This friend will help you grow, keep you in shape, and potentially assist you in becoming a man that is more attractive to ladies.

The Academic

Knowledge is power. Having a friend (or preferably multiple friends) who are experts in their field will assist you in developing deeper mental abilities yourself. An amazing discovery in recent years is that things really are all interconnected. What’s more amazing is that the Bible has told us that for millennia.

When you interact with people who are intellectuals – particularly in fields different from your own – you are able to gain a new perspective and solutions to your own problems.

The Listener

Sometimes we just need to open up and talk. When we try to keep our deepest fears, insecurities, and questions to ourselves, they only grow bigger. Having a friend that you can open up to and express what you are truly feeling is something that few men have – but something that every man needs.

But on the other side, make sure that you are willing to listen as well. Often times, those who are most willing to listen have issues that they would like to share but are not willing to open up without a little bit of prodding. Be willing to express yourself, but also be willing to let others open up to you.

The Realist

Placing this one on the list was difficult for me, but I believe that realists are, at times, necessary. While you certainly need to consciously be aware of how much you can handle, being around someone who questions your ability to do anything can help push you to success.

The realist will ask questions that you realistically need to answer. Just make sure that you are able to maintain your optimism despite the challenges that arise from their doubts.

The Female

Whether she is an old friend, a new friend, a sister, or a girlfriend/wife, having a woman in your life is always a great idea. The insights and perspectives gained from a woman can rarely be discovered by a group of guys.

Particularly if you are single, find a few female friends that you can talk and hang out with. Not only will you gain a better understanding of what women are interested in, but you will have friends sincerely interested in helping you find a lovely girlfriend.

Success with Friends

Developing a healthy network of friends with a variety of interests and talents will provide you with countless benefits. From seeking advice to living life more fully, the broader your range of friends, the better off your will be.